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We are excited to be able to open our gyms to the public utilizing guidelines from Public Health and leading sport governing bodies. Athlete Institute is here to ensure that you can still access the best training in Canada while doing it in a safe manner.

We will open our programming opportunities in 2 Phases, outlined below:

Phase 1 – June 29 to July 17

  • 1 hour individualized training in small group camps with Athlete Institute coaches (maximum 8 participants per session)

  • 1 hour small group court rental (maximum 4 athletes and 1 coach/adult)

  • 1 hour individual training sessions with Athlete Institute coach (1 participant per session)

  • Click here to book online


Phase 2 – July 13 & Beyond

  • Previous programming from Phase 1

  • Additional 1 hour time slots for Small Group Court Rentals (Maximum 4 athletes and 1 coach/adult)

  • Additional 1 hour time slots for Individual Training Sessions (1 participant per session)


1. Individualized Training in Small Group Camps (Max 8 participants) - $50/athlete (1 hour)

  • This program will mimic our Summer Academy Camp training and expertise but in more 1 hour sessions, with less athletes and more individual attention from our coaching staff. You can sign up for as many sessions as you wish. If you have a credit with us you can use it toward this program. 

  • Youth Clinic Winter Session 2 participants are able to book into these sessions

2. Small Group Court Rentals (Max 4 participants and 1 coach/adult) - $100/group (1 hour)

  • External/outdoor groups may rent a quadrant of our gym for their team or to work with their son or daughter. Times are very limited until Phase 2. If you have specific gym time requests or longer-term booking, please email

3. Club Team Small Group Court Rental (Max 16 participants and 2 coaches/adult) - $150/group (2 hour)

  • External Club Teams will receive 2 hours of a full court (half full gym) for their team to train 8 athletes (4 per basket) per hour (50 minutes with 10 minute cleaning in between). Therefore you can train up to 16 athletes in 2 hours.

  • Offered in evening for maximum flexibility but also limited in times (Monday to Friday 6:00-8:00pm & 8:15-10:15pm. If you have specific gym time requests or longer-term booking, please email

  • You can request to have AI coach work out your team for $230


4. Individual Training Sessions (1 participant) - Starting Phase 2 - $75/athlete (1 hour)

  • If you are looking for the most individualized attention then you will want to work with a coach 1-on-1

  • Times will be limited.

Payments will be made at the door for the first three weeks and credits will be tracked



  • Must wear a mask upon entering the facility and continue wearing until entering the gym

  • The gym will be divided into 4 quadrants with 1 basket each to maintain social distance and controlled programming. 

  • All athletes will & must be socially distanced 2m (6ft) apart at all times in the facility. 

  • There will be a maximum of 4 athletes allowed in one quadrant per hour, with 1 coach. 

  • All athletes will sanitize their hands prior to and after the session. It is recommended that they wash their hands prior to entering the facility and upon leaving. 

  • All athletes must bring their own equipment (basketball, court shoes, shorts, water bottles) and must be ready to participate upon checking-in. 

  • Our court floor, backboards, rims and high touch surfaces (e.g. doors, walls) will be disinfected after each 1 hour session. 

  • Bathrooms or change rooms will only be utilized in emergency and first aid situations. Please use bathroom prior to attending your session. 

  • Parents/guardians will not be allowed to wait in the facility. You may wait in your car, walk around the property, provided socially distanced, or come back to pick up the athlete in exactly 1 hour. 

  • Parents and athletes should monitor their daily health for signs of feeling unwell. Check athlete's temperature before training sessions. If temperature is above 37.8 degree Celsius or the athlete has any COVID symptoms, then please do not come to training. Take the Ontario Self-Assessment prior to each session. 

  • All external group court rentals must maintain all the same rules and regulations. Court Monitors will be present to ensure social distancing rules are followed. 

  • Additional guidelines and check-in procedure will be included in our registration form. To see full program rules and waiver please click here. 

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

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